PHP Login Script?

The Quadodo Login Script is a free open-source php login script written in PHP and SQL. It is a stand-alone system and is one of a kind. This free login script is for anyone who wishes to allow users to sign up for their site. It comes with loads of features that include:
  • Cookies or Sessions
  • In-Depth Administration Panel
  • MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • Permission Masks
  • Grouping System
  • Paging System
  • Block Access to Public
  • Easily Integrated
  • Muliple Languages
  • Many More...

New Feature

It's been awhile since I've released a new feature on the site, or even updated the main page. I guess it's time I announce that I'll be able for hire! Just follow this link to read more about it. I would also like to ask anyone who is interested to join my forum, and suggest somethings that you would find interesting on this homepage, as I find it rather bland at the moment. Thanks a lot!

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All of the latest script news and other matters, can be found on my blog Coding and Physics

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