My PHP Login Script

My PHP login script, known as the Quadodo Login Script is a project that was started a few years ago to provide a basic and easy to use tool that would allow user authentication and management. I've always believed in the concept of open source software so I couldn't go about and not make it just that.

In the early summer of 2006 the 2.0.0 branch of the script was released with several new features such as templating and the ability to have profiles. It also was the first release with the security image for the registration. However this version was not very well coded and the templating was hard to manage. The PHP login script itself however did get quite popular with 4000 downloads in a few months. After things died down I decided it was time for a new version to be created from scratch.

The 3.0.0 branch of the script was written in the summer of 2007 completely from scratch. The new coding is easy to read and understand plus it has a nice API. A new administration panel was released so you could actually have the user management part of the PHP login script. The new code allowed users to embed the PHP login script easily with their template instead of having templates for the script. The only problem was the administration panel was lacking features and was very messy. This is when the 3.1.0 branch of the script was written. It included a brand new administration panel and group control panel that use AJAX to make the work easier.

A lot of work has gone into the Quadodo Login Script so I hope you enjoy it and requests for features are always taken into consideration!