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PHP NameSpace Tutorial

NameSpaces are a new feature in PHP 5.3 and PHP 6. They allow you to define your own NameSpace where you may name a function anything you want it to be called. This is an important new feature as you won't need long names such as what_this_function_does_is_pretty_cool() because your function name was already in the global scope.

PHP Requirements

This tutorial uses features that require you to have version PHP 5.3 or PHP 6. These versions have not been released to the public yet as they are still being developed. SnapShots of the code can always be found at:

Scroll down bottom and get the Win32 package (not the source). You can read how to install PHP using the Windows/Apache/MySQL/PHP Installation Tutorial. This tutorial wasn't written by me but it is an excellent tutorial. It doesn't show you how to install PHP 6 it shows you how to install PHP 5. All you have to do is use the PHP 6 package instead (instead of php5 wherever he says it just needs to be php6).

PHP Tutorials | PHP namespace Keyword >>