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Beginner's PHP Tutorial

Welcome, and thanks for visiting. This is the start of my Beginner's - PHP Tutorial section. Here you will learn the basics, of some basic functions in PHP. Before we start, you should know a little history on PHP. Gotta love Wikipedia.

PHP Requirements

Before you start to learn PHP, there are some things you should have. First of all, knowing PHP is useless unless you have somewhere to test what you're making! So, you can either setup a server on your own computer, or use a free web host. Installing PHP can get very complicated, especially if you're completely new to all of this, so I suggest you use this free web host.

Now if you want to install PHP, there are several guides out there on the Internet, but the best one is of course is on the website.


PHP and MySQL go together like PHP and HTML. MySQL is a database system, that ... well that let's you store stuff inside a database :P MySQL is the most popular database to use with PHP. Now, moving on, you want to install MySQL with PHP on your computer? Sure, here is a litte guide for ya.

Saving PHP Files

If you want to save PHP files on your computer, to upload to your host - or just to test (if you installed it), you can't use Rich Text Editors. You must use a plain text editor, like Notepad (on Windows). I don't suggest using it though, because you can experience some problems and stuff, plus there is no syntax highlighting. I suggest you use either Notepad2 or Crimson Editor. I have used both in the past and they both impressed me. When saving PHP files, make sure the extension is .php, or they won't run correctly on your server.

Moving on...

Anyway, now that this is covered, you can continue on your... umm... 'quest' to learn PHP. In the next section you will learn the basic syntax, which is necessary for any PHP application/script. All you have to do is click the button on the top or bottom of this screen!

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