Online PHP Tutorials

PHP Beginner's Tutorial

Before you start reading this tutorial, you should at least some knowledge of HTML. If you don't have any knowledge on HTML I suggest you go here and read her tutorials. They are great :D Also you should want to learn PHP, not have to or just because you feel bored. This tutorial won't work if you don't want to. Also play around with the code in the tutorial - it will help.:

  1. Introduction
  2. PHP Variables
  3. PHP Comments
  4. PHP Output
  5. PHP Strings
  6. PHP Operators
  7. PHP If...Else
  8. PHP Switch
  9. PHP Arrays
  10. PHP While Loop
  11. PHP For Loop
  12. PHP Foreach Loop
  13. PHP Do While Loop
  14. PHP Include and Require
  15. PHP/HTML Forms
  16. PHP POST and GET

PHP File Tutorial

This tutorial is for semi-beginners. You should already have a basic knowledge of PHP. For example you should be able to know what a parameter in a function is, and how to make your own PHP scripts out of code given in the tutorial. Playing with the code in the tutorial is the easiest way to learn, so make sure you do it :)

  1. Introduction
  2. PHP Open File
  3. PHP Read File
  4. PHP Write to File
  5. PHP Rename a File
  6. PHP Delete a File
  7. PHP Upload a File

PHP NameSpaces Tutorial

This tutorial is not meant for beginners. You should have knowledge of how to create your own functions, classes, variables and how to include files. This is a new concept in PHP and will only work if you put the time in installing the newest build of PHP :)

  1. Introduction
  2. PHP namespace Keyword
  3. PHP Using NameSpaces