Login Script Interface

Here are some screenshots of the interface of the login script in action! If you want to see the image full size just click on the image itself and it will expand.

Logging In & Registering

Loggin In Registering
The login form with no style The register form with no style

Admin Main Page

Admin Main Page
The main page of the admin panel

Group Section

Adding a Group Group List
Adding a group Listing the groups

Invite Section

Invite Someone
Sending an invitation to someone.

Permission Masks Section

Adding a Permission Mask Editing a Permission Mask Masks List
Adding a permission mask Editing a mask List of your masks

Pages Section

Adding a Page Editing a Page List of Pages
Adding a custom page Editing a page List of your custom pages

Users Section

Unactivated Users Add a User Editing a User
List of unactivated users Adding a new user Editing an existant user
Full User List
Full user list